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    Default Unbearable lag spikes?

    So I have no clue what it is about this game but for the past few weeks all my friends and I have played quick match and had lag/rubber banding/ teleporting? This game has become unplayable and none of us have a clue to why we are lagging so badly as none of us have had this before and we do not live in the same region. Is it still dedicated and if so something needs to be fixed.
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    Yah, just logged onto the forums to see if everyone else was having the same problems. Even stopped to test boomshots at people and enemies standing in thrown incendiaries. Too bad I was pumped to grab a couple hours before the work week, hope they're looking into this!?
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    I rubber band a lot in horde, especially with UK hosts American hosts seem the best and they're thousands of kilometres away.
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    make sure your NAT is open and do regular tests on your connection. I have had no issues in the past few weeks, so I am unaware of any connection related problems going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanTheGamer11 View Post
    I rubber band a lot in horde, especially with UK hosts American hosts seem the best and they're thousands of kilometres away.
    Americans are the worst for me. I sometimes play with an American guy (Horde Insane) and each time right after wave 10 I start lagging like I've never lagged before. One time, there was a Drone running towards our base on Wave 30-something, Azura, I had almost a full clip of perfect active-reloaded Lancer bullets, I shot 50-something (!!!) of them right on this drone, and he doesn't go down. My teammate fires likes 3-4 Active Lancer bullets on him, he dies and I got only 15 points for that. Needless to say, I left the team after that. That much lag is not good for my team and not for my XP either.

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    This weekend was worse than normal for me in vs. It just went back and forth... I play koth, and there was times where I felt like I literally couldn't die, and then there was times when my guns just didn't work and did nothing. I have had this happen so many times, and it's frustrating, but yet again I walked up behind a dude firing his lancer, didn't seem to notice I was there. 2 hard aims, 1 was point blank range, touching his back, active gnasher, nothing... He turns, I pop shot him, he 1 shots gibs me.

    I haven't been playing vs. enough to know if it has gotten worse, but there's quite a few games where someone joins in, and my guns just stop working right.
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