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    Default Question about....

    Rank transferring... so

    A lot of my real life friends are rank transferring on their secondary accounts and for some of they're other friends.

    But my question is it against the rules to do this? Will it result them a ban?

    I was think of doing it to one of my secondary accounts in case I got reset of my main, but I really don't want to break the rules doing this.

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    Yes it is a bannable offense and many have already been banned for it.
    It's no different than downloading a mod tool and giving themselves the same stats.

    If they had insane jumps in stats - as in a level one with zero medals suddenly becomes a level 94 with 34 Onyx medals -- they're busted. Joe Grafs system will of detected this and they've been added to the ban list which will be executed when there's enough entries.
    This also results in that console being banned. So by all means have your friend keep doing this :P
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    The system may have already detected your friends rank transferring, depending on when they did it (yes, it is bannable), so there's no hope for them.

    I'd suggest not even considering doing it yourself. If you want to make a back-up of your player data, then by all means, save it on to cloud. There's no point suffering a ban you easily could've avoided by following a few simple instructions.



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