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    Default TruSkill Is It Still Around If Not I Wish It Was

    I remember when TruSkill use to pair me up with players with the same skill and the games where never a blow out but now I played 20 games with two player and three bots and I was by myself with four bots I won all the matches with a couple shut outs I don't mean to brag but am I alone in this predicament with playing with or against players below your own skill level in quick matches I may level up faster but it isn't compelling or engaging I don't know maybe its just me but what's your personal take on this

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    It is around. It's required.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, it's only for Ranked.
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    Don't think there's much TruSkill emphasis in Quick matches, and it doesn't really work very well in Ranked due to the low populations meaning that the matchmaking simply struggles to find 10 people, let alone 10 people of the same TruSkill.
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