Happy to introduce myself... This is A Official Message, From Me, one of many people of the new Z2: ZZT.org - A ZZT Fansite

First of all I hope anyone who knows about Tim's original 1991 Magnum Opus around here, The Best Game Creator back then, Which Created Epic, Originally PCS - Potomac Computer Systems, Of Which now we know 20 years later now as Epic, I still use it, and many others...

If anyone is still using ZZT, Super ZZT, even the Unofficial ZZT Successor Megazeux (Open Source) by Greg (Alexis) Janson of ''Code Red'' fame, Please Keep up the retroness and use our site, Also of note is DigitalMZX.NET (Megazeux Fansite), Please post here if using any of those!

And While we are at it, A Friendly, but maybe farfetched message for Tim:

We would be honored if you can kindly find the ORIGINAL HardDrive with the original ZZT and SZZT's source code, I and others may be able to find the source with all our might, Do not worry at all, We, By the name of Epic Games, Tim (Creator of Epic, ZZT Franchise) and if needed, It can be modernized, using either your choice of Open Source(Perferred) or Propietary Licenses.

Thanks for 20+ years of ZZT, Megazeux just turned v2.84, and has been open to everyone, But it is not the same, But we will live with it as a secondary choice, But WE Love you just the same, We (at Z2) will declare you EPIC GOD!