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    Question Character run and jump mob_version

    Hello 2 every one.
    I have some question about animation character. This is on mobile IOS version.
    I Create MobilePlaceablePawn node and setup my character with skeletalmesh, animset and animtree. Physics is walking. Then i added velocity that he run.
    I want to tap the button and character jump up with animation. When i do this, there is an error message "Physics must be interpolating".
    How can i setup my character that he can run and jump. Thanks.

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    Have you tried PHYS_Interpolating like it instructs?
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    Yes, i try but does not work. My Setup:
    Walking Physics - PHYS_Walking Physics PHYS_Interpolating (Character just jump)
    Walking Physics - PHYS_Interpolating Physics Walking (Character just run)
    Walking Physics - PHYS_Interpolating Physics PHYS_Interpolating (Character just jump)
    Walking Physics - PHYS_Walking Physics Walking (Character just run)
    What i need to do to combine jump and run? Thanks.

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    Someone help please

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    Check your skeletal mesh properties to see if there this "Physics" option in the "Movement" option. You might want to set it to "PHYS_Interpolating" and see if that works.



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