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    Default Proposal: Saving all new items for the next NG+?

    So here's my dilemma. I updated IB2, and I see all these lovely new toys. Right now, I definitely have enough cash from the CM glitch to get everything and power through to get them all up to my current level (^9). But I know on the next go around, I will probably be strapped for cash at some point, even with the reset to gem forging prices.

    If I save them for the next go around, I can grind and get XP the whole time with the new items while building up cash. What have other people done with the new items?

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    I have decided to rush through the next 5/10 NG's and not pay to master my new items. I did pay to master a few of the lower levelled items but for the ones I will use, I have left them with 0 xp, so that i have plenty of xp to be gained.

    My worst nightmare is when I'm rushing through the NG's, but have mastered everything that I own (as you know, money is tight).
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    If you have the money, there is no downside to paying to master them before you advance. If you hit a wall in a future ng+ it is because you have already earned the exp and stats for the item so it doesn't actually slow you down.




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