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    Thumbs up RAAM's Shadow 4 Player Co-op

    Hi I'm looking for 3 people that would like to help each other and play RAAM's Shadow and get the Achievements

    Some Friendly Competition 25 GS
    Help From My Friends
    25 GS
    I'm Rubber, You're Glue
    15 GS

    I will also help get other Achievements that you guys need, you can send a message here or Xbox Live,
    my Gamertag is

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    i'd love to help hit me up on xbox

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    I would also love to play hit me up Zachhhhhhh777

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    i'd love to help too, have yet to play through it. in exchange i'd really love some help with myyrah on insane, shes impossible :/

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    I will definitely do this when I get home if my internet is working. Add me and send me a message letting me know you're the RAAM's Shadow guy, my gamertag is N1SSASSA.
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