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    Default Help with 2nd half of Myrahh battle on Insane?

    I'm having a lot of problems with the second part of the Myrahh battle, from when the Tempest is attacking the building in the middle.
    She's not causing me too many problems, it's the others running around that kill me..
    Any chance someone could give me a hand with it?

    If you're interested, add me v GoW x Theron
    And send me a message mentioning Myrahh

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    Just a tip : You know when she falls all the way to the bottom of the building, then she starts grabbing onto the rails trying to burn you? When she's doing that, try to move to as many rails as possible so she can destroy them. Typically she'll pop up where you are and she'll destroy the rails.

    The Palace Guards spawn on NON destroyed rails. So the more rails that you got her to destroy, the less Palace Guards you have to worry about it. This will make the second part of the battle a lot easier
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    is that so? thx for the tip



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