My name is Justin. You may have seen me (S41nTxJuStICE) or my bro OuTTaFoCu5 on several streams (GoldGlove, JRibs, Team SYN). Now we are looking to recruit for a serious team. We have 4. But we are looking for more dedicated players because we rarely run our regular 4 ever. Let's just say that we need 1 possible 2 now.

We aren't losers, we run alpha, scrims and GB with randoms and we still win a good amount of the time. We've won against many pro players and many well known pub stars. (When we run with a stacked team we don't lose)

However we play for fun. We don't count stats, we don't look at your stats, we don't care about your stats or pro player stats. When it comes to Gears of War especially this game, teamwork and communication outplays individual skill almost every time.

I give everyone a tryout, so don't think I don't want you on the team. I'd love to have ex-pros and ex-GB stars on the team, but it's not necessary. I just need people who want to get on, who want to compete, who want to get better and I want you to want to be the best you can be.

I can tell a lot about how a person plays in about 1-3 games with them. That's all I need. Give me a shout right now. Don't respond on the forums, either hit me up on twitter or go straight to your xbox and type in my gamertag and send me a friend request or a message. DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Hit me up. If you think you're the kind of player I'm looking for, chances are you are.

TWITTER - @guitarxxjustin

--we don't hump, we don't trash talk, we don't scream.