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    Default need some good gamers for clan/team

    hey just looking for some more gamers to join my clan/team. still thinking of clan tag...
    i mostly play ranked exe(execution) but i hardly win because of stacked teams. im tired of it
    and decided to make a team of my own! i also play ranked tdm when exe gets boring.
    right now there is only me and another friend on the team. i would rather have my teammates
    use gnasher, hammerburst, lancer and maybe retro only.
    i myself am 22 years young i prefer to play with mature gamers

    Execution stats
    K/D 1.4
    W/L 1.7
    Points Per Match 1059.7
    Overall Points 979 238

    TDM stats
    K/D 1.8
    W/L 2.1
    Points Per Match 1435.4
    Overall Points 437 819

    If you want to join my team leave your GT and ill add you

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    ill play with you. my gt is Coveyy
    Thank you LoGx LoST ChILD for the Classic HB!
    Looking for an Alex Brand

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    Since there's on two of you and probably didn't change your names yet you guys should join CannonSquad were a bunch of laid back gamers but during clam matches or even if we feel like going HAM we will so message zCSz Active for a tryout

    P.S I'm 20 so if your looking for a mature gamer we have those



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