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    Default need more clan/teammates

    Hey just looking for some more gamers to join my clan/team(TRagICK). I mostly play
    Ranked Exe(execution) but I hardly win because of stacked teams. I'm tired of it
    and decided to make a team of my own! I also play Ranked TDM when Exe gets boring.
    Right now there is only me and another friend on the team(TRagICK FLaW). I would rather
    have my teammates use gnasher, hammerburst, lancer and maybe retro only.
    Talking strats and practicing are important, and will be a top priority.
    The main gametypes being played will be Ranked Exe and Ranked TDM, but
    other game types will be played from time to time so we can stay on top of our game.
    I myself am 22 years young and I prefer to play with mature gamers

    Ranked Execution stats
    K/D 1.4
    W/L 1.7
    Points Per Match 1059.7
    Overall Points 979 238

    Ranked TDM stats
    K/D 1.8
    W/L 2.1
    Points Per Match 1435.4
    Overall Points 437 819

    -willing to learn
    -mature (respectful to other clan members)
    -must handle 1v1's if needed
    -GT Change

    If you want to join my team or want more info msg me on here or xbox GT TRagICK BuLLeTz
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    Oh crap I'm not that mature

    Jk, gt: YaHiRrrR

    They want you, soul and body



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