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    Default How to spawn an enemy that ignores the player?


    I'm trying to spawn an enemy (in this case, an AIType_Drone) that will ignore the player. Does anyone know how to do this?

    The AI Factory action doesn't seem to provide any hints.

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    lol, so not possible with what we have in the gears editor.
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    Your only option there would be to spawn a Drone that has a teamindex of 0 so he doesn't attack you, but then he would probably follow you.

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    I figured this out a while back. Here are the steps:

    1) Add an AI Factory action (New Action > AI > AI Factory) and a Toggle Combat Transitions action (New Action > AI > Toggle Combat Transitions) to your Kismet. Set up AI Factory as usual, with a Spawn Point and one SpawnSet enemy (I tested this first with a Drone, then with a Wretch).

    2) Connect the AI Factory: All Spawned node to the Toggle Combat Transitions : Turn Off node.

    3) Create a unnamed Object Variable (New Variable > Object > Object), which looks like a circle with "???" in it. Connect the AI Factory : Set 1 [1] node to this Object Variable, and connect the Toggle Combat Transitions : Target node to this Object Variable. Start the game

    Now you can walk right up to this enemy and even shoot him, and he'll do nothing. I think the only exception is if you physically bump the enemy, he'll retaliate with his melee attack (and he may shift position a bit). I haven't tested enemy types other than Drone and Wretch.

    Very useful for staging certain types of encounter behaviors.

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    better way is to use Assign Controller instead of toggle combat transitions, cause you can turn of whole ai and it would not melee you if you close (in Assign Controller choose playercontroller)



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