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    Default What is the best method to changing levels?

    I always assumed using the "Open Mylevel" console command would be just fine for changing levels, but as my game is getting more and more complex, changing levels are getting more and more issues.

    Post-process are carried over (despite setting it to not do it in the world properties), various events and triggers of mine that will only trigger once, won't trigger if the same level is played twice using this method so on and so forth.

    So it would seem like the the "Open Mylevel" console command does not clean up and ready up for a fresh start, is there a better method?
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    maybe by loading the same level again, the game realizes it could re-use some of the stuff instead of unloading it only to have to load it all again
    what if you load an empty level and after that load the same first level again? maybe that will really clear everything up

    not that I know of any other solution

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    There is also the "Start" command that you can use instead of "Open"
    Open appends parameters to the current level while Start is supposed to start "clean". Not sure if this applies to your PostProcess stuff as well, but it's worth a shot.
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    I see, I haven't gotten to test it thoroughly yet. I can't say I'm noticing much difference yet, but I'll do some further testing.

    Cheers for the suggestion!

    Of course, I am looking for any way to change my levels and not just console commands, if there's any other methods that cleans up further that would be great, I wouldn't mind longer loading times.
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