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    Angry Gnashers

    Recently in some online matches, me and my friend were noticing that the Gnasher is WAY too overpowered with its hit detection and stopping power. Plus the prime fact that if your mowing someone down with a lancer or assault rifle and thay particular person is shooting you from a distance with the gnasher, Your most likely gonna die. Its wayy to overpowered and needs tp be nerfed or updated in some way. A lot of gears players arent going to agree with me, but come on get real. Gears is just like any other war game where you can use any weapon, but not just one in particular thats extremely overpowerex. Please take updating the sotty into consideration. Oh i forgot to mention that it lagsvery heavily with the aftershots upon shooting or bodying someone.

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    This isn't the forum for this. Suggestions and opinions go in the general forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by TroyMcClure View Post
    Nice Find. It was a legit bug and fixed in the retail version today.

    So once Gears 3 releases, when you use the torque, take a bit of pride in knowing you helped make it better

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    Welcome to the forums

    Just so that you are aware in future, the issues sub-forum is for technical issues only. You will also get a greater response posting something like this in the Gears 3/Gears 3 multiplayer sub-forums.
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