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    Default Idea for Gears MP

    So, I don't know if an idea such as this has already been thought up, but even if it has, it would be awesome for this to happen! Check out the video for the idea:


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    No need to implement anymore features that make the game think for the player. I disagree with what you said about about players letting their teammates know about the status of a weapon as "wasted communication".
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    You are complaining about people complaining about a much complained about fact that is complained about by complainers... Wait what...?

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    No thanks.
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    Nice Find. It was a legit bug and fixed in the retail version today.

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    I think that takes away from the element of surprise.
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    Not for me. Same with the 'Next''s just another thing that I feel take away from a learned perception or tactic. Competitively as well, a part of effective communication is the highlighting of the position and control of power weapons and or positions, and I don't see a need to change that.

    So I apologise, but it's a 'no' from me.
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    No, I don't think it should be added.
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    I personally think something like this should be implemented because power weapons play a very important role in Gears multiplayer. I would like to know if someone on my team is holding boomshot so I know when to push toward the boom to keep the other team from picking it up when it spawns. I understand why people are saying no to this but you guys have to keep in mind that some of us work weird hours and don't always have people online to play with when we play so we're searching solo, and you all know how the communication is outside of parties on this game.

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    I understand where all of you guys are coming from and I appreciate the feedback! It was just an idea I had yesterday, and I figured I'd see what you guys thought. It may not be wasted communication, but think of the players who don't use mics. It could be quite useful(if they have no way to communicate).

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    I like it, because I miss knowing what weapons my team has, really I don't care which team mate has what I just care which TEAM has what. This would help, I like it a lot. I don't need to know when it has spawned though, I'd like to but
    I don't care that much I just want to know who has it.

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    I don't think it's a terrible idea, I personally wish we had the old Tac-Com where we wouldn't need such a thing as that. We should be able to know what our teammates are carrying or not carrying. On top of that, I wish I knew where my teammates die, not quite as noticeable with this new thing. Sometimes, more-so in Gears 2 than 3, I didn't think the game indicated what weapon someone picked up and when, but I could have been oblivious. In any event, sometimes so much is going on I don't seem to notice those indications at the bottom of the screen. If we could get the old Tac-Com(remember people clamoring for this), it could even be color-coded to teams...



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