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    Default Rypelcam 1.8 Tutorial for anyone that needs it!

    This is for people that used rypelcam in the past and forgot how to use it. And for the people that have not used it before, but cannot find a tutorial on how to use it.

    The rypelcam website ( ) used to have a tutorial on how to use their program. They changed up their site however and the tutorial is no longer there. Someone (I forgot who) took them and printed them a long time ago. Once the tutorials were deleted from the website, I asked on their forums (which are basically removed now) if anyone had a copy. He then scanned his copy and sent it to me in a zip file. I do not want to take credit for the tutorial, nor the scanned tutorial, I am just posting it for anyone that is looking for one. I'm sorry, I completely forgot who it was that gave me these screenshots, so if you do read this...I really want to thank you for sending me the scanned copies of the tutorial.

    I was going to post this on their own forums, but I cannot log into my account there, and they disabled any new registrations. If you have an access to forums and you see this message, please upload these screenshots over there for the people that need them.

    Here are the 7 screenshots! The last 2 pages contain very useful commands.

    EDIT: The tutorial is for version 1.8, but it works for 1.9 aswell.
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