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    Default will pay someone $30 to convert some ut3 files to .jam

    Looking for someone to just convert (cook) a few of these ut3 files to .jam to work on my ps3. I only have like 4 files. Easy money. I will transfer the money to your paypal account or give you cash in person or send check. Up to you. You can call me also at 858-531-8228. Im in San Diego, CA. Thanks.

    Allen Tepper

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    says youre offline...did you click on that link to see the maps i want converted? we probably dont even need to talk if you can download those maps...

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    I do not think that maps should be cooked without people's permission;

    - if i have the ORIGINAL uncooked files + authors permission i will do this.

    - i will not take a "cooked map" and uncook it and it will not work 100% with all maps if you simply just open the map in editor and then re-save. that is naughty

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    DM-Phobos < the author of this is blitz> hes available on this forum
    DM-Morbias (Rocket Arena) <, this is already on PC and PS3

    - i don't feel like researching these- but get the authors; get them to do it- or at least give you permission first. then return to me if u still need it

    p.s i am the author of the following Re-makes
    DM-KGalleon- ps3 link is here
    - i think DM-Roughinery is here
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