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    Default Can you sink a ps3 controller without a usb port?

    Can you sink a ps3 controller without a usb port?
    I got a ps3 for free, only problem is both the usb ports are broken and the controller I have isn't in sync with it. Thanks for any answers.


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    I'm pretty sure you can. I haven't used my PS3 for gaming in over a year (Xbox FTW lol) but i synced a media remote with it via one of the options in the menu before (media remotes dont have a USB port). I'm sure you could sync a controller the same way, I can't remember where in the menu it is but its called something like sync new Bluetooth device. Worth a shot.

    Only thing though, without a working USB port how do you intend to charge your controller since they have built in batteries?
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    Any USB port on a working PC, or a phone charger that has a USB port will do.
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