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    Default UK/EU Players WANTED!!!!

    I don't care about K/D. I don't care about W/L.
    I care about maturity, respect, communication, team chemistry, team work and team fire.

    My name is Dan (19), and i am the founder of NvM. Currently, my team consists of myself and two good friends (one whom i know IRL, the other from GoW3).
    I'm not looking for players who think they are God, or quit if they get out-played...i am looking for players who learn from their mistakes, learn from their losses, and have a positive attitude, and preferably match the above criteria.
    We currently play TDM, Guardian, Execution, Zeta, and Wingman/BTTE (but we will happily play other game modes). Once we have a couple more members, we will likely start playing Horde/Beast/ reasoning for this is that i believe these to be a good way to build team chemistry, and also to get to know each other and have a laugh in the process!
    As it stands, we are not looking to start playing GB/WGl or any competitive league UNTIL the team and all individual players are ready to do so, and are willing. If you do not wish to play competitively then that's not a problem

    WITH REGARDS TO KILL STEALING: if it happens, it happens...sometimes its unavoidable, sometimes its necessary, it doesn't warrant tears and arguments (Basically is doesn't bother us)

    If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, and are interested in joining, then hit me up!

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    I'm interested as long as a name change isn't involved since I only changed it yesterday.

    I'm looking for a team who know what they're doing, communicate, and play for the win not play for themselves.

    Also when you want to start playing in leagues I'll happily take part.

    I've played GB before and played plenty of scrims so I have some experience.

    PM me if you want to play a few games I should be on gears on friday since the next couple of days I'm busy =)

    Oh and for the record:

    Age - 20

    K/D W/L - Execution 1.8 - 2.4 - Guardian 1.8 - 3.4(I rush leader a lot) TDM 2.4- 4.3 - KoTH - 2.2 (No idea W/L)

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    I am very much interested in jumping on board with you guys!

    Im 16 and live in the uk

    GT: Nero Tm

    would be good to hear from you guys

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    Added you mate. illumin8, 25 years old. On weekends mostly but some week nights.

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    ur just what im looking for lol il add u when i get on gt vx Andyy KEOOOO p.s i do have some competitive gears expierience. im 15 from uk.

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    GT - BlakeH96, and i don't moan and groan after every death, I also don't rage quite, so hit me up mate

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    Im interested in joining. Hit me up on xbox. GT:chucky342 I'm 16 by the way



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