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    Default So asking people to play

    I do not wear little in this and I've noticed that people and I can ask you to bring Epic skorge and cyclop's, but it seems to be a battle.
    What is missing to bring back the "juicy" of Gears?
    I do not find many places that are part of it in this paper where the return of skorge, a big question is: Epic to brought to a savage hunter, a savage marauder, to all but the most asked Epic Why not bring to skorge nor the cyclop's up to us to play in multiplayer?
    People have not asked the unknown as marauder savage and savage hunter.
    All it asks is the return of skorge. This is referred to po marcus where is Griffin, but may be referred to that and not take it out for multiplayer.
    Nor does "want" to bring to a weak skorge like Gears 2, which had no armor and was worse than a common kantus.
    That's all, hope I have been concrete.

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    Sticking Kim and Valera with my big ole knife and wearing my chainsaw proof armor


    No offense man, but reread that and put it into actual sentences. I couldn't understand what you meant at all.
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