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    Question Biped animations

    I am working on animating a custom character in UDK. To do this i am going to be using the biped found on the UDK website. My qusetion is does any know of any useful materials for learning how to animate with a biped. I have animated things before its just that the whole biped animation process seems foreign to me with the whole figure mode thing.

    Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.

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    max comes with some half decent tutorials on the biped but you might want to have a look here
    UT40K:The Chosen - Warhammer 40,000 for UDK
    ut40kgeodav - UE4 Tutorials
    UT3 Tutorials - Characters - Weapons - Vehicles - FaceFX
    UDK Tutorials - Basics - Vehicles - Characters - Weapons



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