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    Default Is it true that you can rip 3D models from games and import them into UDK?

    I want to remake a level from Alien Trilogy, but I'm looking to do it with UDK. One of my friends say I can rip the 3D models from Alien vs Predator that I have and import them into UDK but I don't know if its true or not... is it true?

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    Are you asking if it's possible or if it's legal? It could be possible, depending on the source you get out of AvP, but it's not legal.

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    It's physically possible, but the legitimacy of it is very dubious. Generally you can only get awya with that if you never share the content with anyone else.
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    No, of course, it's not something I'd like to distribute or make money from. Just a personal project, but I don't have the assets to complete what I want to do.

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    The UDK EULA prohibits the use of copyrighted material and intellectual property that does not belong to you.



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