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    Default New Level WIP- "Urban Shade"

    Hola amigos, just wanted to post my new level ive been working on in the udk engine. its a mix of my own assets with the udk engine own assests...its a sort of horror/mystery type of level with some good old fashion scares..i also used some flash movies and images with the gfx movie kismet working on learning more scripting so i can personalize it even more. what u guys think?




    Heres a cinematic video i made to show off some story points and quick gameplay elements...what you think?

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    Good concept man, but it has some 'very fair' effects (including the weird demon face), use of flamboyant textures and the flyby is pretty little fast, also a intellectual spooky Harlem area with dazzling of suspense. I think you should remove the HUD through the trailer that will take a cost.
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