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    Default Has Anyone Had Any Luck ?

    Has anyone had any luck with "hosting" a private server ?

    I even put my rig in the DMZ and I still am unable to have anyone connect to me.

    So, Is this even possible ?



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    I've been trying to create a party, for either public matchmaking or a private game, but the invites don't seem to be going through. I've sent them directly through the game, and also through the GFWL console (click on friend->gamer card->Invite to game) but they never receive any notification. Same thing going the other way, they send but I don't receive. The only way we've been able to game together so far has been to go into matchmaking alone, join a game, then join on the person in the game if theres an available slot. Obviously this is incredibly clunky and dependent entirely on getting in a game with a slot open long enough to join in. Is there something really stupid and obvious we're missing
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