Hello, I've just spent ages digging and searching the net and forum for a solution to my problem. Maybe someone here can help. The problem i have is that when I play Gears on my laptop i have the post processing effect set to MUTED and the level set to LOW. This allows the game to run smooth for me. However, when I launch user created content (such as Horde 2.0 on gridlock) my game somehow changes my post process setting to "HIGH". Happens whenever I use ANY custom content. When this happens, my frame rate drops making the game less playable. But I love the custom content of the community and want to continue to use it WITHOUT post processing. I have to change post processing back to "LOW" after every time i use custom content. My question is, is there a setting or something that I could do that would allow me to keep the post processing effect set to "LOW" WHILE I'm running custom content? Any help would be very much appreciated.