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Thread: XP Event!

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    Default XP Event!

    We will not stop until we have their attention!!!!!!! Give us XP event or give us....well just give us and XP event! At least 20-25 times for a week and then be done.

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    no what they should do is just set the gears 2 calender to where the first week of the month theres 15-20x xp so people can get their veteran gear. i got my veteran gear already but im tired of my friends buggin me to help em boost for it. so just do that EPIC

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    I think that epic should make it at least 20 times.. constantly. The levels are ridiculous.. it takes such a long time to level up in GOW2, but it was a great game.

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    There should be a set XP rate in place.
    Hopefully 20x XP.



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