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    Default declas and blending

    hey guys have a quick decal question. as you can see in the image the decal texture looks as if on top of the garage door causing the metal to not show through. the graffiti looks as if painted on bricks because that can be seen in the diffuse. im looking for a way to blend the decal over the materials that it is projected on similiarly to overlaying or multiplaying like can be done with layers in photoshop.

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    have you tried unlit lighting model and then blend_additive or blend_modulate

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    i have tried different blending modes but havent had any success.

    blend modulate i havent been able to try because i get an error:

    dynamically lit translucency is not supported for Blend_Modulate material

    i didnt understand your first part. what did u mean unlit lighting model?


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    that solution is interesting and helpful and has helped me modify my decal material to improve the look of it. what that method doesn't account for is projecting the decal across multiple different materials or materials that have textures that arent't tileable.



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