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    Default How to rename bones of existing SkeletalMesh

    How can I rename the bones of an existing SkeletalMesh which is already imported into Unreal editor?

    I can view and edit the SkeletalMesh using AnimSet editor / viewer. I can see the joints / bones in the Skeleton Tree panel on the left of the AnimSet editor but I cannot find an option for renaming bones.

    Clicking Mesh -> Fixup Bone Names does not seem to do anything in my version of UDK.

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    edit in the original package you were working with.

    in 3ds max go to "select names" and usually the hierarchy for your skeletal mesh should be in order

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejaguarmma View Post
    edit in the original package you were working with.
    Thanks - yes, I know I can rename the bones in the 3D modeling software. The artist who created this SkeletalMesh asset provided it as a .upk package. It was done in Maya and currently I don't have access to the Maya network license server.

    So if you know a way to rename the bones in UDK (for a quick or temporary fix) please share. This SkeletalMesh only has a few bones so I think a quick fix is fine for me.

    I'm still puzzled why clicking the "Mesh -> Fixup Bone Names" in the AnimSet editor does not seem to do anything useful. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Export as FBX

    From the content browser you can export the Skeletal Mesh as an FBX (from the right-click menu). Bring the FBX into Max (or whatever you have available), rename the bones and re-export as a new FBX. Import the new FBX as a skeletal mesh and replace references to the old mesh to the new one.

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    I´m having the same problem here... Only when my artist renames the bones in 3ds Max, they don´t follow over to UDK after import. He´s using a CAT rig, and the bone names just refuse to transmit to UDK. Is this a common problem, and if so, how do I fix it?



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