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    Default Sponging and why epic should introduce instigib.

    Now, I am a huge fan of gears of war as a matter of fact, it was the reason I bought and XBOX 360. I love gears of war and will still play despite some of the games faults. But I speak for a lot of folks when I say Sponging has been around for a very long time. In part 1 the host was unstoppable, in part 2 the lag was unstoppable, and part 3 the sponge is unstoppable. In all three games, it simply meant that someone couldn't be killed when they should have been killed. And that is what is wrong with Gears Of War. What good is your skills if your opponent can take everything you dish at them no matter how close you are to them, return fire, and blow your ass away? Hence, the sponge.

    Now for those that do not know what sponging is: Sponging is defined as the massive absorption of bullets by your opponent. Usually, it is the direct full blast in the chest or back of a gnasher shotgun in which your opponent goes through the blast or feels nothing at all. The gnasher shotgun is held in high regard but everyone at some time or another has pulled the trigger on an instant kill that didn't happen due to the guns inconsistency. It takes great skill to use but has a narrow field of spread. It also has great range however, as you will see in the video, that really doesn't matter to a sponge. Oh and by the way, there are a ton of videos on you tube.

    notice what happens to this SOS complainer at 2:05. He sponges a guy with the gnasher and then gets sawed. His blast was absorbed. In my opinion, this should never happen in Gears of War

    Now with that being shown and said, There have been so much talk about the SOS being and instagib weapon that its spread has been recently toned down and its range has been nullified. but no one has ever complained of it not killing anybody. It is basically a sponge killer. Here is a video of what the SOS used to do to.

    Really enjoyed 0:47 but anyway, As you can see there are pros and cons with both weapons.

    So what is my point? Equal the power and the range of the SOS & the Gnasher based on the beta. Within those ranges, you should be downed or instantly killed within those ranges. The only difference the Gnasher will have 16 shots, the SOS still only 1 but restore 50% of the wide field of the SOS so gnasher players still have a chance to slip by them. This also means if you shoot each other from the same distance you both die or down. If you somehow miss your shot with SOS to a skilled wall bouncing gnasher player, you are a goner with one shot in return. But if you are within the wide range of the SOS, you are the goner.

    This is just some of my thoughts on how to balance the game since neither gun is going away. Epic has had three chances to try and balance this game. All three chances have resulted in failure based on weapon strength not killing the opponent. I'm sorry but you should not be able to return fire after you have been shot in the face, chest, or directly in the back with a shotgun. I know its a video game but come on man.

    What do y'all think?
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