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    Unhappy iOS fake provision-certificate problem

    Hello friends!

    I am extremely new to UDK, but have some experience in XCode and Unity.
    I discovered UDK as powerful platform for my ideas and want to develop for _really free_, without paying even 99 bucks, because in my Russia it's very difficult to pay this money to Apple quickly as I need
    For real it takes from 3 to 6 working weeks of horrible awaiting.

    I have Mac Os X Lion running in VMWare and successfully gained XCode apps provision for distributing on my jailbroken 3GS using self-signed certificate and ldid for provision.

    For now I have:
    1. Self-signed iPhone Developer certificate on my virtual Mac.
    2. ldid ( which makes possible running XCode apps on my device.
    3. Fake distribution provision and certificate for Adobe IPhone packager (
    4. Latest UDK.

    But when I want to deploy my test game to my device, the iOS configuration tool wants me to give it the provision, certificate (.p12) and .plist.
    When I deploy app from UDK Editor it passes only the third point - .plist.
    When I run iOS configuration tool from the Start menu (with -distribution switch) it passes first (.mobileprovision file) and third (.plist) files, but not certificate (.p12) - I tried to use .p12 from Fake distribution and from my Keychain in virtual mac, but had no luck ((

    Anybody, please, can you help me solve this problem without paying 99 poor dollars to anybody? Because it takes a really long-long-long-long time in my country.

    Maybe is it way to export my project to XCode for compiling on Mac?

    Thank you, everybody who want to help me.

    God bless you.

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    You're not going to get help with illegal activity, especially not just because you're impatient.
    I'm making a game!
    Click the link above to read more!

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    ohhh I thinked so
    but I haven't another way to go - or paying and sucking fingers or feed children and seeking ways

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    I can Register you and give u everything u nid if u want.

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    Sorry this is off-topic (and trivial), but I think this is a good example of a situation where it could be beneficial to implement some kind of mini flag icon for each user to represent default language preferences (like next to the flag button, no pun intended).
    >[Reference] iOS Hardware Technical Specs by Device
    >Good Programming vs. Bad Programming
    >Your GPU says branches are the devil.

    sporadic chunks of forum activity are often a result of my procrastination left unchecked (admittedly exacerbated if I come home with a certain fuzziness about me),
    and that can lead to large replies or numerous edits; so feel free to correct/disagree/whatever with whatever, or whatever...
    on the other hand, if it turns out you find some value in these kinds of posts, please let me know so I won't feel like such a piece of **** for not better utilizing my time.

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    Discussion of illegal activities is not allowed. You are required to pay the $99 fee to Apple if you want to test games on a device.



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