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Thread: PHYS states

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    Default PHYS states

    wheres the documentation on the various PHYS states i as having trouble finding it

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    I can't find anywhere it has them grouped together, it just talks about them when they are used while doing other topics...
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    There's very little documentation on them, but I don't think they've changed much* since UE2 so this page may help a little even if it's out of date.

    *I'm referring to the basics of PHYS_Walking, Flying, etc.. Obviously some have been removed and Karma has been replaced by RigidBody.

    These are the available states from Actor.uc
    enum EPhysics
    PHYS_None, PHYS_Walking, PHYS_Falling, PHYS_Swimming, PHYS_Flying, PHYS_Rotating, PHYS_Projectile, PHYS_Interpolating, PHYS_Spider, PHYS_Ladder, PHYS_RigidBody, PHYS_SoftBody, PHYS_NavMeshWalking, PHYS_Unused, PHYS_Custom,



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