Hi there. A bunch of friends and me usually play private versus, not only for boosting medals but just for fun among acquaintances. And these are the little improvements that could make the private versus gamer's experience better:

- Chance to switch teams between matches: As you can do before the game starts (you press "Y" to change team) but between matches, next to the "change equipment" "A" button. That way people can choose and change their team to make them more balanced or simply to gnash over your old partner Besides, for today, once the match has started and another player want to join, he always will join the non-host team, and in order to incorporate him in another one, the host must return to the lobby. That's fail.

- Add the option to random weapons layout: You can change the weapons layout before the game starts, but that setting won't change until you return to the lobby. It would be nice that the game itself could select and redistribute the weapons over the map between rounds and/or matches. Completely random. That way the game would be totally dynamic and unexpected. This option should be enabled before the game start, in the current weapons setting menu.

- Improve the no-hud video option: The no-hud option is superb. The game recovers new life, new challenge and realism. But lots of people find it too difficult and they are missing the experience. And that's because the "cross-hairs" is missing. It would be a good thing to be able to turn it on or off when you select the no-hud video option.

- In beast, add a delay at the beginning of the wave for choosing your character: It happens lots of times. When playing beast, people often wait till another player/s select their character in order to choose theirs, the more appropiated for the situation. It results in very precious lost seconds. A countdown could be added in the very moment that the first player choose his character, let's say 5 seconds (or better: 1 second per player in game). In that time, the rest of players can choose theirs and the whole team starts the wave at the same time.

And that's all. Thanks for reading.