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    Default At school today I...

    While i was at school i asked a friend who likes COD y he didnt play gears
    he responded with because gears of war takes to much skill.
    I've figured out y a lot of people play COD now lol
    What up NOOB!
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    COD takes skill to a certain point like you gotta be able to have a fast reaction time cause of quick kill style of it but mostly its who sees who first type game which is the main reason i dont play that nor battlefield.

    I also hate the fact that its not you getting most of your kills if your good at COD its your pavelows and other types of weapons you dont control in the game but meh to each their own i guess. (Also i dont think anyone has ever denied that gears series takes a great amount of more skill involved to play then most online shooters,its not soomething you can jump in on and you be good in a few matches)
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