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    Default Please fix Seriously 3.0!

    Hello, I don't know whether this has been posted before or not, but ever since I Re-up'd using the Fenix Rising DLC, I am not able to obtain Seriously 3.0, even when I'm at level 100. I have all Onyx Medals, so that requirement is checked (green "check" mark), but when I reach Level 100, the "Reach level 100" requirement doesn't check off. Also, the "Field Engineer" Medal goes negative when Re-Up'd, so that should be either non-prestigeable or fixed. Could you maybe base the "Reach level 100" requirement of Seriously 3.0 on the "Field Engineer" Onyx Medal? That way, when you are Re-Up'd, you will still be able to obtain Seriously. Please fix this issue sometime soon, I really want that Achievement to pop after having spend so many time on it.
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    just get another onyx medal



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