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    Question Difference betweek setRotation and setDesiredRotation ?


    What is the difference(s) between the setRotation function and the setDesiredRotation function. I didn't find it in the documentation and all the tutorial use both without telling why and which does what.

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    SetDesiredRotation will rotate to the specified rotation smoothly (depending on the InterpolationTime).
    SetRotation instantly sets it's rotation.

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    Thank you !
    Is there any documentation explaining every classes and functions ? (like with Java or C++)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100GPing100 View Post
    Thank you for that but I guess I will have to test a lot of things in playerinput. For example I'm trying to make my pawn to look (be turned) in the direction of my invisible cursor.(yes a 2d game test to learn the basics) For the pitch aLookUp works great !
    But I can't find someting in playerinput that could tell me where the mouse is in the X axis of the screen to make my pawn turn toward it.(mouseX always return to 0)



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