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    Default Comic Volumes, Titan editions, what's the difference?

    I've been searching on several comic sites recently, because I've only just found out about Uncharted and Gears Of War comics.

    And while Uncharted seems to be a 6 issue series, they've made it so that if you didn't buy at launch, there's no way of starting late (Unless they hopefully bring out a set with all 6. Just like...).

    Whilst with Gears, I've found 2 Volumes with issues up #13 (And I'd imagine Volume 3 will be out soon-ish taking you upto #20/#21). However on every site I go to, I can't find out what's so damned special about titan editions. Because the only thing I can see, is that they're hardcover.

    Anyone able to help me?
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    the hardcover is prob the difference. most collections are in a softcover book.

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    Hmm never seen a titan edition before.
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    Go for the hard back edition when ever possible, it has some great second art and is worth the extra cost over here I have only ever seen hard back editions available. As for Volume 3 I have no idea to when it will be released but I find it cheaper and easier to get and look after hard back collections.



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