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    Default DS4 FBX to 3DS Max 2011then to UDK

    Ran through a few bumps explained here.

    What else do I need to setup before getting my character along with the animations she has into UDK?

    I have seen a method of getting DS4 FBX to Unity but im not going to use Unity I want to use UDK as my game engine.

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    Well I had successs importing my character into udk and im able to see her move in the AnimSet Editor but.........

    The Animation itself is messed up. =(

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    Next question is how to apply the textures/materials that were originally on my character

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    Import the textures, setup a new material, apply it to the character in the mesh's properties.
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    When udk imported my fbx file it brought over the materials/textures but when playing in the AnimSet Editor I did not see the textures applied.

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    You still have to add the material to the model.
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    Im lost when it comes to adding the materials inside UDK....

    Any pointers?

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    Apply it to the character in the mesh's properties.
    There's an infobox you can apply the material in in the properties.
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    I had several image formats that UDK did not like or support.

    I used Genetica Viewer to change the image formats to .bmp

    My character appears fine fully textured =)

    The thing im experiencing is when importing a FBX Animation my character looks deformed.

    Exported Character via FBX 1st without animations <--- fully textured character finally =)

    Then exported the rest of my animations via FBX <--- UDK is being mean to me =(

    Is there an additional step im overseeing?



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