Recruiting players for ranked TDM & Execution.

I am making a small clan to play with on ranked permanantly so If your a good player and you know strats and are an all round decent player than leave your gamertag below or add my GT: Form Vinylz

Please only leave your gamertag below if you can actualy play Gears 3 regularly and are mature and not some person who rages and complains alot when we are losing. I would rather have players who are mature, have a laugh and most of all try to win matches without getting frustrated!

Also I have a gamebattles clan so if your into GB leave your gamertag below, For GB I need experienced players who can:

- Learn strats/know strats for most maps
- do regular call outs and communicate well in any type of situation
- manage to hold your own ground if your in tight situations
- prepare themselves for any type of pushes/grabs/setups quickly
- and most of all to be calm,mature,competitive and a friendly person!