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    Default I can' kill the big tree in single player mode

    I am playing single player mode and am stuck at the big tree. I have been stuck here for 5 days. Everytime I kill the tree it regenerates itself with these red pods underneath that I can' kill with my gun or leash. After 5 days of this same old thing I am really bored with it and am ready to put the game in the closet, but there must be a solution to this that I am just missing. I have killed this tree at least 20 times and it still comes back to life. WIll someone pleasde help me.

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    It is actually called the Hyper Mutilated Flytrap, but it looks like a big tree to me.

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    Try looking at a walkthrough, you will stand a better chance of solving your problem.

    I did it, but I can't remember it. I think it took a while....
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    Cool I did it, got by the flytrap

    I had to get out close to it and be able to move all around it to kill all the big red pods that kept regenerating it. Died about 15 times doing it but finally got it done.



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