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    Default removing sniper trail and increasing hoverboard mount and dimount speeds?


    as it says really, i would like to remove the trail from the sniper because it reviles your location and to decrease the time it takes to jump off and back on the hover board? can it be done, if so, what file do i need to edit?

    thank you

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    If there was a way to take the trail off it would only show on your screen if you are on online server it will be there for other people, the trail is there so you just don't sit somewhere and take people out over and over without them being able to find you. That was the point of adding the trail in the first place. I doubt the hoverboard is possible without a mutator running.

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    In case of asking how to do, you should have posted this under "Programming & Unrealscript" thread.

    Both can be done via a Mutator.
    Never ever edit any existing files. This is seen as cheating/hacking (+somehow against the EULA) or probably causes many errors.

    You need to extend any existing stuff by coding a mutator.

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    ok cool, as i dont know how to do that, anyone know how to or know of someone how can?



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