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    Default Anvil Gate and Coalition's End

    ****Please No SPOILERS!!!****

    So I just finally recieved my copies of both books in the mail. Yes I know I'm behind but I live it in a small town and haven't had the money to order them until recently. So what I was wondering is if I was in for a good read? I loved the first two books. I was just wondering if it was more of the same? Or if they're not as good. Thanks ahead of time for the imput.
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    Hey how much were the books I'm thinking about purchasing them.
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    If you liked the first two anvil gate may seem a bit slow. Coalitions end is really good and leads up to gears 3 well. There are a few stories which when I read the books (prior to gears 3 bing released) I was looking forward to in game which are never explained or touched on. There is one bit at the end of coalition end which happened at the end which had a lot of potential but is forgotten about in tha games. Without spoiling it there is a character who returns from an absence but is not mentioned in the game at all.

    If you liked the first two you will like these two. Also book 5 the slab is due out soon which may answer some questions left at the end of coalition that were not covered in the game.

    Hope this helps. Have fun.

    Sorry about the awkward English. I tried not to spoil anything.
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