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    Angry BulletMarsh Glitch Jumping off the bridge

    I dont know if EPIC knows about this already and if there doing anything about it but it just ruined my night. IF it was not bad enough that bullet marsh is broken already giving the COG the advantage at Start by being able to pick up the boom shot through the kryll now theres a new? glitch where you can jump of the cog side of the bridge. I was playing a TDM game and during the middle of the match we was around the cog side holding them off trying to pick boom up during the battle a Some dude on the locust team ends up running towards the sand bags up top jumps over them and starts air walking all the way to the bottom on the other side opposite of the ink, right where i am! all i could do was laugh at the moment because i never seen that b/4 and me and a friend just started cracking up but then it got out of control they kept doing it to control bottom/boom it just stupid. EPIC please fix both of these issues, i really wanna continue playing bullet marsh but knowing these bugs are there i just avoid the map as much as possible. lmk if anyone has encounter this glitch already. Re posted this in the issues thread hoping they fix this soon
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    This has been seen before. People have uploaded videos on youtube and everything. I'm pretty sure EPIC knows about this, though if they plan to do something I'm not sure. You can always look forward to TU4 and hope it has a fix for this.

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    I hope TU 4 fixes this.
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