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    MAP-DM (Beta DM-Trokaarj6) Ready for testing.

    Before reading or downloading this VERY Beta release, please beaware that:

    A) No Zones have been implemented into this Beta, so prepare for possible FPS loss.
    B) No bot paths are currently in place till the map is complete.
    C) I am aware the SkyZone/SkyBox is crap.
    D) I am very aware of some nucks and crannys which require blocking volumes so players can walk/move freely.
    E) No weapon placements as of yet.
    F) No preview shots or description in the game menus.
    G) Playerstarts are not done yet, as I have left them in my "testing" phase areas. These are so I could access different parts of the map easier when testing myself during editting.

    Name: DM-Trokaarj6
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004 (with latest patch). If theres any reason it won't load, as always, please drop a reply, and i will re-check everything, and add any packages etc if needed.
    Description: All my maps I have constructed have been either indoors, or outside, and never on a futuristic/space theme (Will release these after this). So i took it upon myself to attempt to build within a large subtracted world, IE: space.
    Comments: Took roughly 5 days to get to this stage of the build, with a fair bit of work left to do I think.

    By lagitex at 2012-02-11

    By lagitex at 2012-02-11

    By lagitex at 2012-02-11

    Credits: Myself (LAGI) and Epic Games for the chance to try level designing and building with the help of UnrealEd and all content within it .
    Homepage: N/A

    Feedback welcome, whether it nice or nasty .

    (Also, if someone could point out how to make a teleporter force the players direction on destination teleporter, i would be greatful)


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    You have to rotate the teleporter actor and depending on its rotation the player will face a different direction iIrc.
    From the screenshots it looks great, especially the meshing and lighting.

    Downloading, feedback on flow and layout later.
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    S l y .

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    I have to admit, I'm not the best mapper at layout thinking, but I seriously do like my lighting and decoration lol. And yeah, i had a play with teleporter rotations, but just cudnt get it to work :/.

    Just remembered, I havent done the Playerstarts properly, they are still in testing areas so i cud access parts I had editted quicker.
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