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    Default Looking For Team Or Even A Clan

    Yo whats up im looking to join a team or group of guys to play GOW3 with. Im best as a support player as Im very accurate down range with a lancer. Yes a Lancer, I hate crappy modded Hammerbursts. My Overall Versus Stats: Kills: 10356 Deaths: 3448 K/D: 3.0 Wins: 694 Losses: 146. W/L: 4.75. I think this is pretty decent considering I dont usually run with a team. Im willing to play on GB since I already have a GB account. I usually play between 4 PM EST and 11 PM EST on weekdays and earlier or later on weekends. Can't be on all day cuz I do have a life outside of Gears. Message me on Xbox LIVE or the Forums if your interested or just right here on the thread.
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    your schedule is perfect for what my clan/team usually will be on. I will be playing tonight with some others. GT: Grogdog



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