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    Question Which is more expensive? Adding tessellations to one terrain or...?

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to give greater detail via the terrain to include a bunker underneath. However, the visibility tool doesn't give much customization so this is where my question stems from.

    Which would be more expensive? Adding more tessellations to the main terrain, or adding (smaller) terrain around areas of the main terrain?

    Thanx again

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    I'm no guru myself on the topic so take my answer with a grain of salt....
    If the terrain needed for the bunker itself is nowhere near the size of your primary terrain then it'll probably be better to use a second smaller terrain with higher tessellation, so that reduces the overall triangle count for all your terrains combined. Just make sure you use the visibility tool to hide any areas of terrain that aren't seen, so the engine doesn't have to compute them.
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