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    Default For the horde, and weapon unlock problems

    Basically since i was rest, the "for the horde" medal wont unlock no matter how many times, or what difiiculty i do horde on, this is annoying since im not much of a horde fan, and ill have to go through it all again ):

    is this is a known issue? and if it is, is there a fix for it?

    oh and my Crimson Omen Hammerburst and Retro wont unlock either since my reset, help????? ):
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    I have the same problem. I also can't unlock the friendly fire mutator. Epic please help.

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    This what I did to fix the problem, when I got reset. The process will reset your campaign progress. Your medals, ribbons, mutators, and skins will be intact.

    Play 1 private match so that you can update your files as well as the servers. Then head to the Menus and straight to the dashboard.

    1) transfer your player data and campaign save to the usb, then log off and transfer your gamertag to the usb.

    2) log in on the dashboard and start the game.

    3) when you see the shield like symbol with EPIC on it remove the usb/memory and ignore the message that pops up. let it run through till the part where it tells you to Press Start w/ the Gears 3 logo

    4) Once you hit start go to your stats/awards and scroll through the tabs and go to the collectables and then to the achievements. Both should be empty.

    5) From there (at the achievement tab) place the usb/memory unit back and a message saying that there's a new storage device or device has changed. Press A to continue which should take you back to the title screen where it tells you to Press Start with the Gears 3 logo.

    6) Head back to the dashboard and log off. Transfer just your gamertag back to your HDD [the game already placed your player data from the backup in the servers but if you like you can transfer the one from the usb/memory unit or keep it as a back up]

    7) Remove your usb/memory unit and log back in and start the game. Check back to your stats/awards and you should see your collectables empty and you campaign progress is gone like you haven't even touched it. Which means that the process worked.

    Now you be able to unlock the Horde medal, mutators, skins, and any other items that require achievements once you achieve the requirements again.

    You will still have your achievements under your stats/award [ war journal ]. The progress did reset themselves so you will see the boxes pop up even though you already got the achievement.

    All your mutators, medals, skins, and ribbons you unlock will be intact. And their progress as well.
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