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    Default Loss of Gears PC game save. heard it right...the glitch that got me on gears 2 and still tries to get me on gears three turned around and did it on the PC they wonder why we are po'ed as customers.

    I was almost halfway through the insane campaign when I backed out to the main menu and gears froze....had to end program to get to the desktop...after a reboot...came back to a complete loss of all my work. Like I never played the game...besides the fact I still have all the achiements I earned.

    Sickening....figured id play some g1 to relieve the g3 drama....lolololololol....ooooops

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    that sucks man!!!
    Thanks to III LYCAN III , Cher , Flak , and Jill for helping me complete my exclusive character set!!!



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