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    Lightbulb Should've been Team D & Warzone

    Quote Originally Posted by Alchemist4 View Post
    Yes, when a person chooses Execution, it's because they don't want to play with Warzone rules. It's probably the most unique game type in the game and it should have stayed separate. I still don't know how this even came up at Epic........they were too busy coming up with a stupid playlist like frosty rather than thinking about their loyal Gears fanbase. as I said yesterday when I heard the news of this merger, F*** just ruined GEARS for me. Stay frosty you dumb devs. If they wanted to get rid of anything, they should have got rid of's nothing but bots anyway most of the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by jkickit View Post
    They play out really differently.
    Execution, because you have to you know EXECUTE - plays faster with more shotty battles.
    Warzone is the opposite. It's more of a rifle game.

    I mean if THEY REALLY HAD TO merge something, wouldn't Team Deathmatch and Warzone be a better choice? Only difference is the number of spawns. Thoughts?
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    TDM is the most popular playlist in the entire game. Merging it with Warzone would be a big mistake.

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    Never thought about it this way, but it would be a great way to keep similar game modes intact while also introducing the new players that have never stepped outside of TDM into a different gamemode they may enjoy. The only problem I can see is that many TDM people would be annoyed, as it is the most popular playlist and it would be tampered with.

    Good thinking .
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    I think it would be good, but only as a weekend event or something, like Vexta saidn it would kill TDM, or even possibly Gears. It could, however, bring more players into full-time Warzone/Execution.
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