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    Default missing gold on infinity blade 2

    in infinity blade i bought 300000 gold for it but i restored my ipod and now idont have that money and wont let me buy it again how do i get it back

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    You'd have to restore from a back-up, either from iCloud or your hard drive. The problem is, though, why did you restore┬┐ Just last night, I took my iPhone4 to The Apple Store to have them look at why my microphone transmits as garbled in speakerphone mode. The Apple guy ran a diagnostic via wi-fi, and he showed me this list that showed certain apps of mine had collected some possible corruptive data. He subsequently suggested a restore, to which I agreed, despite my huge plethora of apps neatly tucked away in folders (why did I agree when my Apple-Store-app-ordered iPhone5 is on it's way to me [by the middle of November? >:/]). Anyway, after the resore (and the absence of many of my apps), he admonished against resoring from back up, since that would be putting the corruptive data back on my phone. He suggested I drag the apps from my hard drive over to my phone; of course there is the other option of downloading them from my "purchased" list in the App Store. The aforementioned problem was only slightly solved; microphone transmission in speakerphone mode was very low, though not garbled.

    All this to say, keep in mind why you restored when deciding whether to restore apps and data from back-up.

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