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    Angry Comet KOTH - Worst gears event yet - fact!

    It's terrible, its just terrible! It has completely ruined 4x exp day which we have all been looking forwards to for a week!
    I could list a large amount of problems with I've found with this event. Infact i will!

    • promotes nothing but chainsaw gameplay and turns all rings into a huge cluster ****.
    • No skill required to run into someone, lack of any kind of effort means lack of fun
    • The stupid fact that this is NOT optional if you enjoy playing KOTH!
    • The dact it turns out it wasn't 1 day only
    • Comet charge seems less consistant than a Gears 2 Gnasher! Countless times I've simply bounced off people or run through a croud of 3 and maybe only glanced 1
    • increased running speed means you have the ring for ~5 seconds before it's contested by people running from just spawning! Then add the chainsaw and, as i said earlyer, massive cluster **** with little to no tactics being able to be deployed!
    • You can be chainsawed whilst comet charging ... ?
    • You can be retro charged whilst comet charging ... really, why the hell can a bayonet overcome a huge ball of flaming death?
    • But most of all, The big one, the one that made me rage more than anything else in this annoying change to a fantastic game type:
      The fact that EPIC have allowed you to be punched out of a comet charge -.- seriously im not even joking! next time someone comet charges you, just punch them and then gnasher them. You know what this means...?

      CONGRATULATIONS EPIC! You have sucsessfully managed to re-implement the two-piece!

    Cudos to your fantastic addition here EPIC: I cant wait to get 2 pieced and chainsawd to no end just like i did in early gears 2, you know your comunity loved that time in gears history ... -.-
    Thanks DxM for the free Jungle Tai code! What a legend

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    I think its a ball..........................



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